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I'm a computer geek, a traveler, a writer and a wife-and-mother. I've been around the world and to every teeny country in Europe. I spent a summer as a barmaid in a town in Alaska that has no roads leading to it. I spent another summer crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat with three misogynous Frenchmen. I've got a Ford van where I live while I travel the States. I've hiked the Himalayas and the Pyrennes, but I rode in the back of a pickup truck to Machu Picchu on a rainy night of the full moon in Peru. I've made databases in Nepal and then celebrated the festival of the lights and the rebirth of Nava Durga.

In 2001, I finally said goodbye to my writer's life, opting for a more activist role in computer technology.

In January, 2005, with my longtime friend Gilda Martinez, I started Worlds Touch, a nonprofit company dedicated to providing technical planning, training and assistance to community-based organizations in the developing world. Our partners are working hard to alleviate poverty, bring clean water to impoverished communities, to support school children and the disabled. We are working hard to make that job easier for them. Check out the Worlds Touch web site at: